Resource Superiority

We maintain a high-level talent database of more than 200,000 resumes. The database covers CEOs, CFOs, General Managers, Functional and Business Managers such as Sales/Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, R&D, Production, etc. and involves a wide range of industries. More than 20,000 of the talent have a background of multinational senior management.

Network Superiority

SDMR has a nationwide MBA/EMBA and university graduates' network. We can also reach potential candidates through a network of considerable pluralistic information consultants.

Team Superiority

The team is an association of elite with vitality. Our consultants have extensive experience of HR management or professional work. They have solid competence in information minding, candidate evaluation and reference checking.

Expert Superiority

We maintain an expert pool consist of member from large corporations, famous universities, and HR management research organizations. They are senior advisor for industry research, management research, or candidate assessment.

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